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Levy: Levy Facts
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Lake Stevens Fire thanks you for your support!
This Fire Levy was presented as a 100% mail-in ballot due Tuesday, May 16th.
This Fire Levy
will provide the following through the year 2011:

R Maintain Current Response Times

Due to financial constraints firefighter staffing was reduced by 22,464 hours in 2005.  These firefighter hours will be restored as well as a firefighter added to each shift to our daily staffing for four consecutive years to meet projected response time needs.

R Ensure Community Safety

Due to reduced funding our community lost its Fire Marshal in 2005.  This important position will restore our prevention priority and ensure a safer community in code compliance and Homeland Security.

R Restore Training

Restore our Training Officer position that was cut in 2006 due to reduced funding.  This position will provide training for our firefighters/paramedics so they are well trained in the areas of advanced life saving efforts and disaster preparedness.

R Improve Working Space

We’ve out grown our fire stations.  Development of additional space will meet the needs of our growing fire district.

Printable Report: Download Levy Info Sheet (85k Pdf)

Further Questions?
If you have questions
regarding our Fire Levy they may be submitted via our “Contact Us” page.



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