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Community: Burning Info
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Outdoor Burning Information
Map of Permitted and Prohibited burn areas within Lake Stevens Fire District boundaries. View Map. Check to see if you are in a no burn area prior to burning. Outdoor burn barrels for burning trash or other debris is prohibited statewide. View Outdoor Burning Brochure.

Recreational Fires
Recreational fires are allowed within the Lake Stevens Fire District boundaries. The maximum size for a recreational fire is 3’ x 3’ x 2’. This includes campfires, charcoal BBQ’s, cooking fires and fire pits. Only dry seasoned firewood, fire logs and charcoal are permitted.  No permit is required.

Residential Fires
Residential fires are allowed in unincorporated areas and a permit is required. View Map. The maximum size for a residential fire is 4’ x 4’ x 3’. Residential fires are limited to natural vegetation grown on the property including leaves, branches and twigs.

Residential Outdoor Burning Permits
Burn permits are required for all residential fires. The burn permit must be completed by the homeowner and the completed permit must remain on site. Permit holder must have a hand shovel and garden hose capable of producing 5 GPM on site during the burn. Permit holders are liable for fire suppression costs and damages for the escapement of the fire at the current Washington State Fire Chiefs Fee Schedule. View Residential Outdoor Burning Permit.

Land Clearing
As of July 1, 2008, land clearing burning is prohibited in all of Snohomish County. View Land Clearing Flyer.

Agency Information Numbers & Websites;

  • Outdoor Burning Information: 425.388.3508
  • Outdoor Burn Permit Questions: 425.334.3034
  • Snohomish Co. Fire Marshal’s office: 425.388.3557
  • Fire Marshal Website
  • Puget Sound Clean Air Agency: 1.800.552.3565
  • Washington State Survey & Rating Bureau: 206.217.0101

If I can't burn, what can I do with my yard waste?
There are a number of good alternatives to burning. Waste haulers in most areas offer curbside yard waste pick-up for a fee. You can also dump yard waste debris at county transfer sites and hauler drop-boxes. Check with your county solid waste utility or your local garbage service about these locations.



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